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BIOTRONIK has an unsurpassed legacy of engineering quality therapy solutions. Our lead technology continues to set new standards in innovation and reliability, proven by an exceptional record of patient safety.

Single- or dual-coil premium ICD lead family with active or passive fixation and Silglide® surface coating for smooth implantations and increased patient safety.



  • Proven 7.8 F silicone lead body with Silglide® surface coating protects the myocardium and reduces material stress
  • Reduced friction and improved gliding behavior by 60%
  • An isodiametric lead body diameter with optimal insulation thickness
  • Reliable long-term performance
  • Highly flexible active and passive fixation mechanisms
  • Controlled and atraumatic implantations
  • Unique BIOTRONIK fractal coating technology
  • Efficient energy transfer and fast post-shock sensing steroid elution
  • Reduced inflammation at fixation site and optimal threshold behavior
  • Protek® shock coils are embedded into the insulation material to increase the cross-sectional area resulting in increased energy discharge for low DFTs and to prevent tissue ingrowth and extensive fibrosis for easy and complication-free explantation even after long periods