Foto Solia

BIOTRONIK has an unsurpassed legacy of engineering quality therapy solutions. Our lead technology continues to set new standards in innovation and reliability, proven by an exceptional record of patient safety.

The Solia series pacing leads are a complete portfolio of MR conditional active and passive pacing leads, allowing clinicians freedom of choice without compromising patient safety. An ultra-thin lead body combined with proven BIOTRONIK reliability represent flexible solutions for patients needing to undergo MRI procedures.

The proven BIOTRONIK ProMRI® technology reduces the risks generally associated with an MRI scan.



  • Extensive testing with MRI scanners in a clinical environment according to ASTM F2182* standards
  • Using a minimum of ferromagnetic components and minimizing significant lead heating, cardiac device patients now have increased access to MRI scans
  • The ultra-thin and highly flexible 5.6 F diameter silicone lead body with proven outer insulation thickness and polyurethane coating provides excellent handling characteristics during implantation and ensures uncompromised safety
  • Highly flexible tip designs with advanced fixation mechanisms reduce stress, minimize myocardial trauma and ensure smooth and controlled lead fixation
  • The original BIOTRONIK fractal coating technology enlarges the bio-effective surface area for balanced pacing and sensing characteristics
  • Steroid elution, reduces inflammation at fixation site and provides optimal treshold behavior