Selox SR / ST / JT

Foto Selox SR / ST / JT

A unique combination – steroid elution and fractal coating ensure optimal threshold behaviour during the entire clinical application period.



Excellent sensing

The original BIOTRONIK fractal coating of all electrically active surfaces ensures

  • reliable sensing of even lowest cardiac potentials
  • ideal signal-to-noise ration
  • optimal interaction with Active Capture Control algorithms thanks to low afterpotentials


Optimal stimulation

Steroids reduce inflammation processes during the post-operative phase while small geometric stimulation areas enable

  • optimized current conduction between electrode and endocardium
  • low chronic thresholds

Selox pacing leads are available with the following configurations:

  • straight, active fixation (SR)
  • straight, passive fixation (ST)
  • J-shaped, passive fixation (JT)