Stratos LV-T

Foto Stratos LV-T

BIOTRONIK has an unsurpassed legacy of providing quality therapy solutions. We cultivate expertise in understanding the challenges electrophysiologists face so that we can provide state-of-the-art technology with precise performance and highly reliable results.

The Stratos LV’s three separately programmable channels and state-of-the-art prevention with three pacing algorithms make it one of the most technologically advanced pacemakers for biventricular resynchronization therapy.



  • BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® decreases hospitalization rates and costs, improves therapies and patient compliance and makes your therapy management more efficient
  • CRT-Pacing: Check whether your patient is being 100 % resynchronized
  • Mean ventricular heart rate/heart rate at rest/VES monitor: Obtain important predictors about decompensation, hospitalization, and mortality
  • AF-Burden: Detect a severe comorbidity early on
  • Activity index: Draw conclusions about your patient’s activity and quality of life
  • Separate programming of three preventive pacing algorithms for the prevention of atrial tachycardias, which can be activated in combination with cardiac resynchronization therapy: overdrive pacing, post-AES pacing, rate fading during mode switching
  • Cardiac resynchronization modes
  • Positive and negative VV conduction times
  • Separately programmable pacing amplitudes, pulse widths, and polarities
  • Stratos LV-T with RV-Tracking detects rapid AV conductions in the right ventricle, synchronizes both ventricles in less than 3 ms and guarantees maximum hemodynamics