Lumax 540 HF-T

Foto Lumax 540 HF-T

BIOTRONIK has an unsurpassed legacy of quality protection that results in advanced patient care. Our premium ICD and CRT-D device technology sets new standards while offering continuous patient monitoring and increased safety. Engineered with state-of-the-art circuitry and hardware, these intelligent devices are designed to save and protect lives.

Lumax 540 HF-T provides the cornerstones for comprehensive patient protection and care. It starts with a premium quality product designed to save and enhance lives. And since and Lumax 540 has an extended life of its own, it is capable of prolonging that quality of life in patients. Plus, its superior follow-up efficiency offers optimal patient management while unique daily monitoring allows for the most advanced level of patient protection.



Intelligent Therapy

Tachy IQ® with intelligent therapy means minimizing inappropriate shocks

  • SelectSense® - sensing characteristics that adapt to the patient’s individual needs with a sophisticated ASC (automatic Sensitivity Control) algorithm and several preset options
  • SMART Detection® - clinically proven SVT discrimination with 94% specificity
  • Detection programmability/shock confirmation - Facilitate the termination of non-sustained VT with a programmable detection window and continuous rhythm monitoring during charging
  • ATP One Shot® - painless termination of fast and stable VTs with a success rate of 74%
  • ATP optimization - faster delivery of effective ATP therapy by automatic optimization of the
  • ATP sequence
  • DFT manager - effective defibrillation with 40 J maximum shock energy, 8 shocks per zone, 3 shock pathways, 3 shock polarity options, and 2 different biphasic shock wave forms
  • BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® - daily system integrity check with fully automatic data transmission to the home monitoring service center
    Intelligent Traffic Light System - color-coded alerts ensure rapid identification of patients at risk for inappropriate shocks

Effective resynchronization

Maximized CRT delivery and advanced therapy monitoring facilitate effective resynchronization therapy

  • MultiSelect LV pacing options - four different LV pacing configurations allow for electronic lead repositioning
  • RVsense triggering and negative AV hysteresis - comprehensive CRT features continuously deliver resynchronization despite dynamic shifts in intrinsic AV conduction
  • Automatic Threshold Monitoring - daily control of BiV stimulation effectiveness by automatic RV and LV threshold monitoring
  • BIOTRONIK Heart Failure Monitor® - sustained monitoring and remote evaluation of therapy delivery and patient’s heart failure condition

Early detection

Advanced remote monitoring technologies enable early detection and earlier intervention

  • Lumax 540 - automatically monitors all relevant follow-up data and initiates daily and event-based wireless report transmission without the need for any patient interaction
  • CardioMessenger® - cellular patient device for worldwide use facilitates unrestricted patient mobility
  • Intelligent Traffic Light System - online customizable event notifications ensure that only serious (red!) or important (yellow!) status changes are alerted to the physician

Lifelong protection

Energy-efficient technologies provide prolonged device lifetimes for lifelong protection

  • BIOTRONIK LIFE Energy® - optimized inner battery assembly provides increased energy capacity for extended device lifetimes
  • BIOTRONIK sub-μ Architecture® - state-of-the-art hardware design significantly reduces current consumption
  • BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring - energy-efficient data transmission facilitates sustained patient monitoring with negligible impact on device longevity