Lumax 300/340 HF-T

Foto Lumax 300/340 HF-T

BIOTRONIK has an unsurpassed legacy of quality protection that results in advanced patient care. Our premium ICD and CRT-D device technology sets new standards while offering continuous patient monitoring and increased safety. Engineered with state-of-the-art circuitry and hardware, these intelligent devices are designed to save and protect lives.



Effective Resynchronization

  • MultiSelect LV pacing options - four different LV pacing configurations allow for electronic lead repositioning
  • RVsense triggering and negative AV hysteresis - comprehensive CRT features continuously deliver resynchronization despite dynamic shifts in intrinsic AV conduction
  • BIOTRONIK Heart Failure Monitor® - sustained monitoring and remote evaluation of therapy delivery and patient’s heart failure condition

 Intelligent Therapy

  • SelectSense® - sensing characteristics that adapt to patients’ individual needs with sophisticated ASC (automatic Sensitivity Control) algorithm and several preset options
  • SMART Detection® - clinically proven SVT discrimination with 94 % specificity
  • ATP One Shot® - Painless termination of fast and stable VTs with 74 % success rate
  • DFT Manager - effective defibrillation with 40 J maximum shock energy, 8 shocks per zone, 3 shock pathways, 3 shock polarity options and 2 different biphasic shock wave forms

 Early detection with BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®

  • CardioMessenger® - cellular patient device for worldwide use facilitates unrestricted patient mobility
  • Intelligent Traffic Light System - online customizable event notifications ensure that only serious (red!) or important (yellow!) status changes are alerted to the physician
  • IEGM-Online HD® - remote assessment of therapy appropriateness and early detection of potential causes for inappropriate therapies
  • BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® - energy-efficient data transmission facilitates sustained patient monitoring with negligible impact on device longevity