Foto Streamer

BIOTRONIK has an unsurpassed legacy of providing quality therapy solutions. We cultivate expertise in understanding the challenges electrophysiologists face so that we can provide state-of-the-art technology with precise performance and highly reliable results.

Streamer is a polymer guide wire specifically designed for coronary sinus lead cannulation. BIOTRONIK's proprietary AFT core construction combined with a highly lubricious hydrophilic coating enables superb access to even the tightest bends of the coronary sinus and excellent lead delivery characteristics.



  • The one-piece coe construction with AFT allows for 1:1 torque control of stainless steel guide wires
  • A hydrophilically coated polymer sleeve enables smooth over-the-wire lead delivery
  • Excellent radiopacity: the distal platinum coil provides optimal visibility within the vessel
  • ES and XT stiffness options support LV lead implantations with a high degree of versatility
  • AFT Design significantly enhances elasticity without deformation in severely tortuous anatomy