Xience Prime

Foto Xience Prime

Advancing Superior* Outcomes

Introducing XIENCE PRIME - The next generation in the XIENCE family engineered to deliver the superior outcomes of XIENCE V. With the same efficacious low dose Everolimus, biocompatible fluorinated copolymer, and enhanced Cobalt Chromium MULTI-LINK 8 design, superiority* is in its very nature.

XIENCE PRIME is built on XIENCE V DES technology.


*Xience V has demonstrated statistical superiority against Taxus Express in the primary endpoints of SPIRIT IV, SPIRIT III, and SPIRIT II in target lesion failure, in segment late loss, and in-stent late loss, respectively. Source: SPIRIT IV 1-year results, Gregg Stone. TCT 2009 and data on file at Abbott Vascular.